Restaurant owner charged with battery

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By Elesha George

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The owner of Club House restaurant in English Harbour was made to spend a night at St John’s Police Station cells following an altercation with two men on Friday evening.

Angie Dickinson was charged with battery after she allegedly poured ice water on the men while they stood outside of her establishment.

Dickinson, who denied the act, told Observer that Jermain Sinclair and Stefan Samuel had been smoking near the bathroom of her business and harassing her customers when she asked them to leave.

All three engaged in a heated exchange of words after which the Canadian woman said she called a police friend who ordered the men to leave.

She claimed that while preparing a drink for one of her customers, she discarded two ice cubes through the window near where the men had been standing. The woman said at no point did she douse the men with ice water and the cubes had not been thrown near them.

One of the men – Sinclair – however told a different story, claiming that he and his friend had been stereotyped because of their appearance.

The man, who sports dreadlocks, explained that he worked in English Harbour up until one month ago when his disc jockey equipment was stolen.

He said he frequented the area hoping to find clues about who might have taken it. He said his friend, on the other hand, visited Club House almost every night as he accompanied his friend who was the DJ there.

Sinclair is convinced that someone of a different ethnicity would not have been treated that way for smoking, saying that there were better ways to have handled the situation.

Dickinson is now out on $1,000 bail. Her passport has been seized and she has to sign in three times weekly. The case is expected to come before All Saints Magistrate’s Court some time in March.

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