Restaurant employee concerned for his safety following robbery

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By Elesha George

“I think I will never forget that face,” were the words of Bacha, as he recounted the robbery that took place at Marley’s Restaurant last Saturday.

At about 8 pm, a dark-skinned man, believed to be in his 30s, entered the Old Parham Road restaurant and placed an order for a pizza.

“He order one pizza first, and then after he order one pizza, he calculate his money [and] say he want a next one. By the time I go to prepare the next one, he done open the drawer and he thief the money,” Bacha told OBSERVER media.

Video footage of the incident showed the man wearing a white and black cap and a red shirt, as he stood over the cash register. The man appeared to be conducting a regular transaction, until the employee turned around.

 “I believe he take a chance because the girl was behind there. When me call the girl and she never answer, that means there’s nobody there, so he take a chance,” Bacha said.

This is the second time this year that this particular restaurant has been robbed. Several months ago, robbers broke into the building while it was closed. But Bacha said although law enforcement officers have already identified the man, he still feared for his safety.

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