Resort staff roll up sleeves to help beautify Barnes Hill

Sandals Grande Antigua staff helped clear the area (Photo courtesy Sandals)
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Sandals Grande Antigua resort staff joined forces with members of the Barnes Hill Community Development Organisation (BHCDO) on Saturday in an effort to restore the area’s natural green space.

The Barnes Hill reservoir and community park has been around for 129 years and once was a decorative garden area that served as a place for relaxation and hosting community events.

It is also the home of a man-made reservoir that has been in a state of disrepair for some time and its renovation is now a priority for the BHCDO.

Answering the call for participation in restorative exercise, the Sandals team seized the opportunity to play their part in helping to bring back the lustre and beauty to the green space by removing solid waste from the area. The clean-up forms the first phase of restoration plans.

BHCDO President Kamaule DeFreitas thanked the volunteers for their efforts and called for greater support from the wider community in restoring the space.

Plans for the area, according to DeFreitas, include the completion of a multi-use building that will serve as offices, conference facilities and storerooms.

A park beautification plan is also being looked at. This will include the planting of trees and ornamental plants, restoration of the fish pond and the introduction of a butterfly garden.

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