Residents urged to pay attention to schedule as national bulk waste campaign gathers pace

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Collection agents have been picking up waste in Golden Grove New Extension and Gray’s Farm. (Photos courtesy NSWA)
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Residents are being urged to pay close attention to the bulk waste collection schedule which is now well underway and aims to beautify the nation by disposing of large discarded items.

National Solid Waste Authority (NSWA) General Manager Daryl Spencer issued the appeal on Wednesday after it was revealed that some residents are putting out waste after his team has already left the community.

“Please utilise this opportunity to clear your surroundings, put your waste out. We continue to post the schedule so that each person would know what times we will be in your specific area,” Spencer said.

The exercise began on July 23 and culminates on September 8.

The solid waste team covered the first zone of the programme before pausing for Carnival celebrations.

They are now in zone two which covers communities within St John’s Rural West, Rural South and City East.

“We started our attack in the Grays Green community. We have completed much of it and have extended over into Golden Grove and Nut Grove area; that’s the areas that we are working with,” Spencer said.

“We still have a bit of mopping up going on in the Grays Green area because as people put things out, we have a team that comes behind and mops up,” Spencer explained.

He also revealed that the number of derelict vehicles exceeds expectations.

“There is a little log with derelict removal of vehicles. We are now refocusing our approach on how we will deal with that because we have met some really large dump sites in the zones and it took a lot more resources than we anticipated initially,” he explained.

“So, too, we have met areas within the zones that have significant amounts of derelict vehicles and we also have delays in getting the flat beds and getting it out there in some of these tight areas,” Spencer added.

He said his team remains committed to the project.

Following the completion of collections in zone two on August 11, zone three – which comprises of communities in Rural North, St George and St Peter – will take priority from August 13 up until August 18.

From August 20 to 25, communities in St Mary’s North and St Mary’s South will be covered.

August 27 to September 1 is designated for All Saints West and All Saints East and St Luke, while villages in St Phillip North, St Phillip South and St Paul will have their waste collected from September 3 to 8.

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