Residents urged to be careful amid flood warning

Fire Chief Elvis Weaver
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By Kadeem Joseph

Fire chief Elvis Weaver is advising residents to be cautious as the country continues to be drenched with torrential rains.

The advice comes after Antigua received two days of rain, with projections for more downpours.

“There is still a lot of water on the road and if you are driving a very low vehicle, you have to be very careful of the waters that you go through because this could stall your vehicle,” he admonished drivers.

Weaver also advised residents who live in low lying areas to be mindful of flash flood warnings.

“If you are in your home and you don’t feel comfortable, if the water in your area is rising, you should seek to evacuate and if you need help just call the fire department because we are always ready and willing to assist,” he assured.

On Monday, fire officials had to report to several emergencies as heavy rains drenched the country, causing flash floods, leading to several roadways becoming impassable.

Weaver said the department responded to emergencies in Fort Road, Bendals, Bathlodge, Cashew Hill, Gray’s Farm and Lauchland Benjamin Drive, among other locations.

During the rescues, four men, 11 women and 15 children were assisted to safety from vehicles or homes.

The firefighter used both fire tenders, trucks and a rescue vehicle to carry out their duties.

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