Residents told to brace for another wet and windy week

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The Acting Director of the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Office, Dale Destin has put residents on notice that the twin island is due for a repeat of the wet and windy weather conditions and rough seas that affected the twin island last week.

“Winds are expected to surge over the next 24 hours, resulting in the winds becoming fresh to strong by Monday night. This will in turn cause hazardous seas and wet weather across much of the Caribbean Basin, including Antigua and Barbuda,” Destin said yesterday.

“Fresh to strong winds are expected across the area by late Monday resulting in hazardous seas which will require a Small Craft Warning for much of the region. Also, a high wind advisory will likely be required for some areas. The winds and seas will be a threat to the life and property of mainly mariners. Some outdoor activities, on land, could also become dangerous.”

By late Monday night, the winds were expected to rise to the range of 26 to 42 km/h (16 to 26 mph) with stronger gusts. It is expected that the winds will gust to near storm-force/gale-force – 63 km/h (39 mph), mainly over open waters, exposed coastal areas and elevated terrains.

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