Residents to get answers about water shortage

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Residents who have grown weary of the lack of water in their taps are expected to get much needed answers tomorrow.
The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) will be hosting a press conference on Monday morning to inform and educate the public about the progress of their ongoing action plan for the Water Business Unit, as well as the severity of the effects of the prolonged drought on water supply.
Members of the media have been invited to join APUA’s general manager, Esworth Martin, and other executives from the water unit at the company’s headquarters.
Last week, the authority apologized to residents, some of whom complained of not receiving water for weeks.
The authority said the issue was not a problem of water production but was as a result of issues with the distribution network.
Last Tuesday, Thalia Parker Baptiste, mounted a lone protest outside of APUA saying she infrequently got water at her Martin’s Village home but was receiving higher and higher bills.

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