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Residents ‘lose thousands of dollars’ in social media scam

Sir Rodney Williams (Photo courtesy Halo Foundation)

At least two local residents have apparently been defrauded of thousands of dollars in an online scam by crooks posing as the Governor-General.

Sir Rodney Williams’ office released a statement yesterday alerting potential victims to the hoax which it said was using Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

“A person or persons are purporting to be ‘Sir Rodney Williams or the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda’ on Facebook Messenger and Instagram,” it said.

“The fake Facebook site features at least one photo of the Governor General. The valid Facebook page for the Governor General is ‘Governor-General Antigua Barbuda’.”

The statement added, “Regrettably, requests for the anticipated benefits from the monies required to be sent by unsuspecting persons to the perpetrators are unlikely to be honoured.

“Members of the general public are asked to refrain from sending any money to anyone purporting to be the Governor General unless such a request is confirmed by the Office of the Governor General.”

Any queries regarding requests claiming to be from the Governor General should be directed to [email protected].

Police confirmed they were aware of a similar scam some years ago but said they did not have details of recent incidents.



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