Residents in shock after local charged with murder in Canada

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Damien Allred (file photo)

Scores of residents have been reacting to the news that an Antiguan and Barbudan native, Damien Allred, has been arrested in Canada for the murder of a 75-year-old Toronto woman.

Among those shocked by the news was Carrez Warner, one of Allred’s best friends while he lived in Antigua.

“For years … he was down to earth person. As far as I am concerned, he is a very good friend, he has always been caring individual, he cares a lot about people,” Warner told Observer during an interview.

He said he is still unclear about the details of the incident and is therefore cautious not to rush to judgement on the matter.

“As a friend, I can’t just judge and say he’s guilty or anything because, as I said, the Damian that I know has a very good character. He likes people a lot he’s always been there for me as a friend,” he said. “I remember times when I’ve been in bad situations and they’ve helped me out a lot so that pretty much what I can say I don’t really see him as a bad character as how everybody is trying to paint [him out to be].”

Allred, who is 40 years old, is also a father. He was arrested on Monday and is facing a charge of second-degree murder.

Several Canadian news outlets have reported that on August 11, around 9:30 am, police arrived at an address on Shaw Street, north of King Street, and found the body of a woman inside.

Teresa Santos’ death was initially treated as suspicious by law enforcement and was later determined to be a homicide.

However, the cause of her death has not been released by officials and information regarding the incident remains unclear.

Since news of the incident broke on social media on Monday, several residents took the time to leave kind words and offer prayers for the family.

“My heart breaks for his mum,” one person commented.

Several other individuals remembered Allred’s work as a tattoo artist in Antigua and Barbuda.

Observer was unable to get an official comment from his family members on island up to press time.

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