Residents call for ‘Flag Man’ to be honoured

Hilson ‘Flag Man’ Joseph at a Carnival event
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

He shows up and shows out at many local events each year carrying a big Antiguan flag and arrayed in unique patriotic attire.

Well, some residents believe that it is time that Hilson Joseph – more commonly known as ‘Flag Man’ – be honoured for his patriotism after seeing him participate in the country’s 40th Independence ceremonial parade.

Despite this not being his first time in the parade, one man took to Facebook suggesting that someone “look into the Flag Man and give him an award”.

His social media post has garnered over 50 comments and more than 100 shares since being posted on November 3, all by people who agree that Joseph should be recognised.

One resident said, “Year in, year out. From calypso, Carnival, pageant, marches, cricket, youth rally, football, the list goes on… he is always there and well dressed.

“I remember one year, he stood about four hours at the stadium nonstop for a parade. This man has been doing this without recognition and reward. True son of the soil.”

Another man commented saying, “Without a doubt nobody more patriotic than this man. Hat off to him for his commitment to Antigua and Barbuda.”

“I asked once how he gets in to shows and so on and was told ‘he never gets a free ticket; he always pays to get in’. This man deserves an award,” another person added.

Another social media user specifically suggested that Joseph receive a medal of loyalty to the country and the flag because “[other] people don’t even want to stand for the national anthem”.

One woman also got 250 shares on her post in August in which she wrote, “He should be knighted!!! Nobody flies my flag better than he does!!!”

Joseph literally waves the country’s flag high at events across the country. In 2014, he even participated in the Queen’s Baton Relay and was featured by the BBC.

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