Residents bread supply in jeopardy

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Bread and other pastries, a staple in many resident’s home has been in low supply because of an island-wide shortage of flour.
This revelation came from bakeries who contacted OBSERVER media yesterday, after there were reports of some stores’ scanty shelves and “baker-shops not baking”.
Erica Adams, administrator at Gloria’s Supermarket and Wholesale, said the business has not received any shipments since Hurricane Irma earlier this month.
“The ports that our flour has to go through which is St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. Maarten are damaged, so nothing can come out,” she said.
Adams explained that this delay has inconvenienced many customers and the business is in talks with the shipping company to confirm the next arrival date.
OBSERVER media contacted Inter-Island Sales and Supply who confirmed that ships have not arrived with flour but the issue should be rectified early next week.
Adams said this scarcity of flour is “not normal” as the period the wholesaler has gone without the staple is the longest she can recall. She said normally flour would be sourced every two weeks.
She said in one shipment, two 20-foot containers are delivered, “but these are not just 100 pound (bag), there all different sizes.”
The commodity sold in this business comes from Grenada, packaged and ready for the shelves.
 Brownie’s Bakery and Philton’s Cakery and Bakery who depend on flour said they too have noticed the shortage.

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