Residents affected by noise pollution advised to write police

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Superintendent of Police Atlee Rodney is urging residents who have grown tired of noise pollution in residential areas to write to the commissioner of police.

Residents in rural areas have long complained of Hispanic and other bars, as well as loud parties causing disruptions in their communities late into the night.

People have also used call-in programmes on OBSERVER Radio to bring awareness to the matter.

“Calling and airing it on the air is one thing, but send a formal complaint to the police,” he advised.

Superintendent Rodney explained that recently he handled a case where a resident wrote to the commissioner of police, after receiving six additional signatures, to seek redress after a bar was “really polluting the atmosphere”.

He said the owner of the bar was subsequently brought in and “that matter has been solved”.

But the Public Relations Officer of the National Coalition of Neighbourhood Watches Dion Simmons said the matter of noise pollution is a matter of a lack of enforcement of the country’s regulation.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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