Repeat vandalism against educational institution

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The Director of Education has labelled the recent vandalism at the All Saints Secondary School as an attack on the institution of education. On Wednesday, it was discovered that person or persons unknown used black spray paint to scrawl obscene language on the walls of the library and the administrative and industrial arts blocks. This is the second time in a matter of three weeks that such vandalism has occurred at the secondary school.
Clare Browne told OBSERVER media that the repeated targeting of the school showed utter disrespect and regard for schools. “It is like attacking the future of the country and the institutions preparing the young people to lead and take up the various roles in every sphere of our society. I didn’t visit the school myself, but based on the report that came back to me, there were no broken windows this time around.”
“Yes, that is the same administrative building that the government spent millions of dollars erecting after the devastating fire,” Browne revealed. Just last month, January 12, classes at the school were disrupted when profanity and a cryptic threat were left on some steps and the walls of the principal’s office, the library and certain sections of the administrative office. The window of the staff room was smashed in by what was believed to have been the large rock sitting in the middle of the floor of the office. Athreat of,”We are going for you at your home too,” was also scrawled on a wall.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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