Renewed calls for police to speed up Nigel Christian murder probe

Customs inspector, Nigel Christian
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

The Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) is making fresh calls for the authorities to speed up their investigations into the gruesome murder of Customs inspector, Nigel Christian.

Harold Lovell told Observer that the authorities do not seem to be concerned about Christian’s family, who will not be able to have a peaceful Christmas holiday.

“They have dragged their feet; nothing has happened and today the family of Nigel Christian will not have him to celebrate Christmas with them. It is a shame, it is shocking and we call on this administration to do something,” he said.

The UPP leader said it also appears that the authorities are not treating the matter the way it “ought to”.

 “I have full confidence in the police, but the decision that needed to be taken to ensure that we had as much assistance as possible was never taken. What we do know is that they do not appear to have a solution in sight,” he said.

Apart from the “foot-dragging” accusation, Lovell contended that the police have not been forthcoming with information.

 “There needs to be more communication, people need to know what is happening so that the family and the public can have more confidence,” he said.

Lawmen said recently that they have made significant progress into the murder investigation of Christian who, on July 10, 2020 was abducted from his McKinnons home by four men. His body was found later found riddled with bullets.

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney has said that despite all the public anxiety, the police have been working feverishly on the high-profile case.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Frankie Thomas said last month that lawmen are at the stage of perusing several useful leads, while at the same time looking at multiple persons of interest.

The police also said that they require more time and resources, especially if all lines of inquiry are to be fully exhausted.

All this comes as the Concerned Citizens group will stage a fourth picket to call for justice for Christian.

The picket is scheduled for 9 am on Wednesday, December 23rd outside the police headquarters.

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