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Remy Ma receives 'Woman of the Year' recognition

As Remy Ma continues to earn her well-deserved moments in the spotlight, especially considering she spent seven years behind bars, her comeback, much like that of Gucci Mane’s, means she’s living each day to the fullest and accomplishing all sorts of incredible feats.
As reported, the rapper was recently named the Woman of the Year at the 2nd Annual Glitz and Girl Power Awards in Miami.
In addition to getting her bars up and consistently delivering music, Remy is also using her platform to empower other woman, with the latter playing a major role as to why she was honored at the event alongside Betty Wright and an assortment of other inspiring, influential and overall total bad a** females.
“Every possible thing that you think can go wrong in your life, it happened to me, and I’m still here,” Remy Ma said during her acceptance speech. “All of you have that same opportunity.”
Take a look at a recap of the event in the in-depth video clip below.



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