Removal of bulk waste starts next month

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Residents are being encouraged to support a national clean-up next month ahead of peak hurricane season. The biennial event aims to clear communities of garbage which can become potential flying missiles during a storm, and beautify the landscape at the same time.

The removal of bulk waste will begin on July 15.

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season is forecast to be an active one, and it is all the more crucial to eliminate refuse and garbage, health chiefs say.

In 2018 the programme saw more than 3,000 tonnes of waste items collected and removed.

The initiative will run for approximately six weeks covering all communities in Antigua and Barbuda, targeting bulk items. It will be complemented by efforts to eradicate rodents and mosquito breeding sites from properties.

Anyone who needs assistance to remove waste from their private property may contact the National Solid Waste Management Authority hotline at 562-1347 or the Litter Wardens Hotline at 727-2467 for help.

The initiative will be rolled out in three stages: St Georges, St Peters and St John’s Rural North will run from July 15 to 18. This will be followed by St John’s City West and St John’s City East from July 20 to 23, and St John’s Rural East from July 25 to 28.

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