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Remanded prisoner back in court on additional aggravated robbery charge

Tristan Armstrong of Tyrells

By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A Tyrells man, who was already on remand for an alleged robbery, is facing additional charges for which he made his first court appearance yesterday.

Tristan Armstrong was recently charged with aggravated robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm relating to an incident in Willikies on July 14.

He is said to have robbed a taxi driver of numerous items and money, while armed with a gun. Those items reportedly included a vehicle, clothing, watches, a gun and other valuables including a permanent residency card for the US or a ‘green card’, collectively valued at $88,351.

Police said they later recovered the vehicle abandoned at Potworks Dam.

Armstrong was previously charged in connection with a robbery that apparently took place at Bailey’s Supermarket in Falmouth on October 27.

He was awaiting his committal hearing in that matter, which is set for February 23, when he was slapped with more charges. When he appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel- Edwards yesterday, she indicated that she could not grant bail for such an offence.

Armstrong was therefore also remanded for aggravated robbery and gun possession, and was assigned the same date so that both matters can be dealt with on the same day. Armstrong will then find out if there is enough evidence against him in both matters to have them sent up to the High Court.



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