Remand prisoner with cannabis in cell sentenced to year in prison

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By Latrishka Thomas

A 21-year-old man has been sentenced to a year in prison after cannabis was found in his cell while he was on remand.

The drugs were found during a search of Ian Francis’ cell at around 11am on Wednesday.

A report was subsequently made to the police’s narcotics department who went to the scene. The drugs, contained in a transparent bag, were handed to the officer in the presence of the defendant and examined.

The officer told the defendant that he suspected the substance to be his and Francis admitted to that, saying “yes I own it”.

The young man was arrested and the drugs, upon being weighed in his presence, amounted to 186 grams which carries a street value of $1,860.

The defendant was charged with unlawful possession of the weed and intent to transfer same.

He admitted to possession yesterday but said he did not intend to give the drugs to another person.

He was therefore sentenced for possession by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh but the charge of intent to transfer was withdrawn.

  • Meanwhile, Keishawn Longford was also sentenced by the Chief Magistrate in St John’s Magistrate’s Court yesterday. He was ordered to spend three months behind bars for failing to comply with the mandatory curfew imposed between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Longford was seen walking along a byroad in Gambles by officers on mobile patrol duty at around 12.05am on June 20.

Officers approached him and asked him what he was doing on the road at that time and he said “a home me a go”.

When asked, he admitted that he had no curfew pass but said “aright dey me live”.

He was reminded that it is an offence to be on the road at such a time and he was arrested and subsequently charged.

The defendant pleaded guilty yesterday and was sentenced. But as he had been in prison since being charged in June, he has already served his time.

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