Relocation of court meant to be temporary, says Information Minister

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The public is being asked to exercise patience during the relocation of the St. John’s Magistrates Court to the headquarters of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board in Herberts.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas said the action is meant to be temporary.

The court is being transferred to the Transport Board headquarters, so that much needed repairs can be carried out on the building in St John’s.

However, there are concerns from some sections of the public about the distance they would have to travel to access the court.

The minister is optimistic that the process will only take a few weeks.

“One will think that the adjustment in relation to the health of the persons who have to dispense with the court matters . . . would be of greater consideration.

“We think that there is adequate transportation in the country; personal and public transportation; so I don’t think that will put anybody at any discomfort or any disadvantage,” Nicholas said.

The Traffic Court, which sits at the Magistrates Court, will also be temporarily transferred to the Transport Board building.

The government says upon completion of the repairs at High Street, the Traffic Court is likely to remain at the Herberts building.

Staff at the Magistrate’s Court have been complaining about adverse conditions in the building for quite some time.

The situation led to the employees’ workday being reduced to half-day, and many of the functions of the court were significantly reduced.

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