Relative says medical condition caused aggressor in Jennings brawl to become violent

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The police are urging residents of Jennings Village to come forward with any information they may have about the wounding incident which left two men hospitalised in stable condition at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on Monday afternoon.

Inspector Frankie Thomas told OBSERVER media the details surrounding the incident were still not quite clear up to yesterday, and as the investigation is still ongoing, residents should report what they know to the Bolans Police Station.

On Monday, the villagers reported that one of the men started attacking another man in a vehicle and residents rescued the man who was in the car. 

One of those who stepped in was allegedly attacked by the same man who started the fight with the man in the car.

Yesterday, a relative of the aggressor said he has a medical condition, epilepsy, and he was reportedly having an episode after getting some bad news about his relationship. The source said the man becomes violent whenever he is having an episode.

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