Rehab center to host recovery conference

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The Crossroads Rehabilitation Center is inviting the public to attend an Addiction Recovery Conference on June 8 and 9 at its Willoughby Bay location.

Held under the theme “Celebrating Recovery”, the conference is open to everyone interested in providing continual support to persons recovering from addictions. It also aims to address stigmas associated with addiction.

Director of Admissions and Continuum of Care at Crossroads, Dr. Jean-Machelle Benn-Dubois said: “When you have been an addict and you have struggled with an addiction for years and you finally get a chance to recover it’s a celebration of a new life. Therefore, we want to provide support for those persons.” 

During an interview on OBSERVER AM yesterday, Dr. Benn-Dubois said the conference will include a seminar that will focus specifically on the family.

“This is addressing the fact that the addict sits like the scapegoat of the family, but really the addiction is about the entire family; hence why the family has to heal as a unit if the addict has any sort of hope for recovery on a long-term basis.”

Another aspect will be the duality of addiction, which is geared toward professionals.

“Duality of addiction is looking at the fact that the addict doesn’t stand with just substance use, but there is some mental health component that has to be addressed, whether it is depression,” she added.

The Crossroads Rehabilitation Center, in existence for over 20 years, specializes in treating people affected by substance addiction. The most commonly used substances in Antigua and Barbuda are crack, cocaine and marijuana.

Over the years, Crossroads Rehab Center has offered its services to many people in Antigua and Barbuda.

Dr Benn-Dubois recalled that the very first client was an Antiguan.

“I am so proud that when we had our anniversary celebration last year November he stood up to be recognized, because 20 years later he is still in recovery and that says recovery is possible,” she said.

To register for the conference, persons are asked to call 562-0035. Registration is free.

Founded in 1988 by the famous English rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton, Crossroads Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit facility for recovery – dedicated to the quality, confidential treatment of persons worldwide who suffer from alcohol and drug dependency.

 Locals interested is accessing the services are asked to call the center and express their desire to embark on the journey.

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