Regional trade unions, LIAT management talk structure

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Regional trade unions representing LIAT workers will be meeting here, on Friday, to discuss the management structure of the carrier, among several matters of concern.

The trade unions are seeking answers about what they view as the downward spiral of the regional carrier, and its dwindling market share.

General Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) David Massiah said several plans by the management are not in the best interest of the airline.

“What we are seeing is that over a period of time, Liat has been surrendering its market share to other airlines like Intel Air, PAWA, that have been coming in, in the north. The direction of the current management is seemingly sacrificing Liat’s northern route and giving all the urgency and energy to those routes and looking to basically kill Liat,” Massiah said.

“We see this as basically taking Liat from Antigua & Barbuda.

The head of the local union said an audience will also be sought with Civil Aviation Minister Sir Robin Yearwood and Minister of State within the Ministry of Finance Senator Lennox Weston.

According to Massiah, the demand for Liat’s services has been drastically reduced due to poor planning, poor management, and operational standards.

The union boss said the problem lies, not with the staff, or pilots, but rather the management.

“We are asking the minister to intervene to really ensure that Antigua’s interest is not minimised in this process,’ Massiah said.

Liat’s management is also expected to attend  Friday’s meeting to be held at the Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts.

The ABWU will also hold talks with Liat pilots prior to Friday’s meeting. (Theresa Gordon)

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