Regional boxing figure unaware of tumultuous state of local boxing association

Steve Ninvalle.
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By Neto Baptiste

President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) and a Vice President with the American & Caribbean Boxing Confederation, Steve Ninvalle, said that neither the regional body nor the International Boxing Association (AIBA), have received any complaints and or concerns over the state of boxing in Antigua and Barbuda.

Speaking recently on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Ninvalle, who is also a member of AIBA, hinted that the body would not get involved unless they have received written invitation to do so.

“I think that if anything is brought to the table as it relates to whatever is going against the grain or the mandates of AIBA, then AIBA would look into it. Let’s say that Guyana has not sent a boxer to a major competition, or something like that, then I think AIBA will look into it,” he said.

“AIBA right now is also trying to rectify itself because it has been under a microscope. So what maybe, we could have gotten away with before, we would not be able to get away with now because the IOC has a microscope [on AIBA] and we are trying to make sure we dot our I’s and cross our t’s,” he added. 

The local boxing association and its members have enjoyed a tumultuous relationship for some time now with some influential figures in boxing calling for the resignation of sitting president, Len Mussington and the rest of his executive.

The sport has seen little to no activation at the national level and has gone without a national championship for many years.

Ninvalle said that once the current revamping of AIBA is completed, member associations will be held to a higher standard.

“I think the onus is on each and every country because as AIBA is restructuring then there would be questions that would be asked to you. I have said that the Caribbean needs to put its house in order and this is not pointing fingers at anyone; this is trying to uplift and let people understand that it would not be business as usual,” he said.

“If AIBA, next year, says I am giving so much money to member associations and would like to see the minutes of meetings that you would have had, your financial statements for the past five years, then I would think that several countries would be found wanting,” Ninvalle added.

Boxing coach, Anthony Severin, has pleaded with the local association on many occasions to rectify the current issues plaguing the natural progression of the sport here.

Numerous efforts to speak with Mussington on the issues have proven futile.

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