Reggae singer on mission to raise cancer treatment funds – and help fellow patients

Gregory Bailey, aka Causion
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By Carlena Knight

Antiguan reggae artiste, Gregory Bailey, more popularly known as ‘Causion,’ is continuing to encourage the public to support ‘The Thank You Mission’ initiative which is geared towards raising funds for cancer treatment.

Bailey, who hails from the St Paul’s area, was diagnosed last year with stage three colon cancer, a fight which has stalled his musical career and is costing more than $300,000 in treatment.

He is currently receiving care at the JFK Medical Centre in Florida.

“The music itself has brought us here. We are totally on a different journey, but the Father guides us in ways we sometimes thought we would never be in, and here is where we are at right now,” he told Observer’s Voice of the People show yesterday.

“We are presenting it to the people and hope that the people will get on the journey with us and get on this mission because it is really not just about me alone. We are trying to, yes, help me with my situation, but we want to make sure that as we are doing that, that we are doing something that is going to be able to help other people like myself,” he explained.

Causion currently has four albums and has headlined concerts to benefit the less fortunate. Having lost both his parents to cancer he has also participated in concerts to raise funds to fight the disease.

The 53-year-old, alongside HAMA films and Vince McCoy, have launched ‘The Thank You Mission’ website which sells paraphernalia such as T-shirts, autographed pictures, CDs and stickers. All funds will go towards his medical treatment.

Monetary donations can also be made on the website

His latest single entitled ‘Give Thanks’, which also can be downloaded from the website, is his way of saying thank you to his fans and to express gratitude for his life and his career. Proceeds from its sale will go towards assisting with his medical expenses as well.

He is also encouraging the wider population, especially men, to “stay in front” of their health.

Causion said he only discovered he had cancer after feeling pain, which led to emergency surgery.

He is advising everyone to get their annual checkups and regular screenings to ensure that they are in top health. And for those individuals who may already be diagnosed with some sort of illness, Bailey is encouraging them to be open and let their loved ones know what exactly is happening as a support system is paramount during the journey.

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