Reggae artist's quirky freestyle about cucumbers goes viral hit with over 30 million views

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A reggae artist has scored a surprise viral hit with a freestyle rap all about one of his favorite vegetables: the cucumber.
British artist Macka B has managed to gain more than 150,000 followers on Facebook thanks to his skillful rhymes, many of which are based around the benefits of his vegan diet.
Among his videos are a series that he has dubbed ‘Medical Monday’, where he holds a fruit, vegetable or other health food up to the camera, and raps about what it can do for your health.

Pronouncing it as ‘cu-cumba’ as, he claims, Jamaicans do, Macka B raps: ‘Vitamins, minerals very high number. Silica, hair and nails get longer. Other vitamins make your bones them stronger.’

During the rap, Macka B, whose real name is Christopher MacFarlane, holds up a cucumber in one hand and waves the other in time to his own beat.

‘Anti-wrinkle make you younger. 95 per cent water, kidney cleanser, great hydration, detox, fiber, good regulator,’ he continues.

‘Give your body good things. Don’t be a traitor. Get the cucumber, cut it into slices, put it in a jug of water overnight. You know what you get for a fraction of the price? Energy drink full of electrolytes.’
He even goes on to praise the vegetable’s ability to help eliminate bad breath, recommending fans to choose ‘cucumber water instead of soda.’
Macka B shared the video on his popular Facebook page, where it began to go viral. In ten days it has been viewed on the page more than two million times.
However, it was when the clip was picked up by the UNILAD Sound Facebook page that the video really began to take off.
In just four days on the page, Macka B’s veg-themed freestyle has been seen more than 30 million times, and shared more than 350,000 times.
The rap also appears to have achieved its goal of informing people about health benefits of vegetables as hundreds of users took their feelings to the video’s comment section
‘He just marketed that cucumber to me perfectly imma go and get a couple,’ said one man.
Another added: ‘I hate cucumber but I may actually give it another try after watching this! Education comes in many strange forms but I quite like this one!’

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