Reformers end season on a high note

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The Reformers team ended their season undefeated, this time trouncing Barbuda 2, 79-49 on Sunday afternoon.
The Basketball Behind Bars (BBB) event saw a number of patrons enter Her Majesty’s Prison in support of the inmates who play for the Reformers team.
A youthful Barbuda 2 team kept the Reformers and the crowd on the edge of their seats with a number of blocked shots and three-point bombers as they seemed un-phased playing in that environment.
Despite a 15-point performance from Malcolm Hopkins and 13-point effort from Jameel Charles, the youths could not contain the shooting skill of Junior Roberts who had 15 points and Darnell Azille who had 12 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.
“It was an unforgettable experience playing in prison. Honestly, we underestimated how well the guys could play and the match was really exciting and tough,” said Hopkins when asked about his take on the programme.
Carl Knight, one of the organisers of BBB gave his remarks on the programme even stating that plans to enhance the programme will be looked at.
“It’s always a great experience coming in especially for those who come to play or even watch.”
“With another season now under our belts we will focus on enhancing the programme even more for next season.”
The Basketball Behind Bars programme which focuses on the rehabilitation of inmates through basketball is now in its third year.

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