Referees promised improved service

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The Antigua & Barbuda Football Referees Association (ABFRA), this week, addressed public concerns over the alleged ill-mannered behaviour of some of its members towards players, team officials and fans during matches hosted by the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA).

Callers to The Good Morning Jojo Sports Show spoke of occasions where referees failed to follow the prescribed protocol while officiating matches. One such incident involved a referee’s refusal to explain to teams why he decided not to play their scheduled contest.

FIFA referee instructor and a member of the ABFRA, Denmore Roberts, said that teams should report instances where officials may have failed to follow protocol, as there are measures in place to address those issues.

“Reprimanded with suspensions, with fines because you have to remember they receive a stipend and if you don’t do what you have to do then your stipend can be reduced or you can lose a match fee. The referees are subjected to the same disciplinary committee that the players are for the ABF and last season, we have had referees who were suspended,” he said. 

Roberts also welcomed the announcement of a US $125,000 CONCACAF fund, from which monies are allocated for the training and improving of referees.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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