Rastafari community expresses gratitude over new school

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By Carlena Knight

The Nyabinghi tribe of Antigua and Barbuda has expressed its gratitude to the government of Antigua and Barbuda, particularly Prime Minister Gaston Browne, for his efforts in building a new facility to house the Nyabinghi Theocracy Church School.

High Priest Bongo Selah thanked Browne during the official opening and honoring ceremony of the new school yesterday in Creekside.

“I and I give thanks to the government of Antigua and Barbuda and the most honorable Prime Minister for his initiative, his leadership here, for constructing the first Rastafari buildings globally. It is indeed a historic time, moment and landmark of Rastafari tradition. I and I pay you tribute and I applaud you wonderful Prime Minister because we all know the importance of leadership. Jah Rastafari say that it is required in all fields.

“A school is the fountain of learning. Seek knowledge and they shall find it. We can’t ignore education because it is education that develops the intellect and it is the intellect that distinguish man from all other things.”

PM Browne who was present at the event also noted that in addition to the new building, the school will be equipped with not only Wi-Fi and computers, but all features like other primary schools.

Browne further shared his belief that no one in this country should be denied education because of their religious beliefs.

“Why should Rastafari students learn in substandard facilities? Why should they be without electricity, without water? Without proper toilet facilities? Without the internet? Clearly that was an inequitable position which we have now corrected, and this facility here will be equipped with all the amenities that you can find in any of our primary and secondary schools.”

Education Minister Michael Browne also spoke at the historic event where he echoed the PM’s sentiments.

“We have dispelled that myth, not only by our investment in your facilities, by investments in curriculum, investment in the upgrade of teachers, but having a full understanding that when a child walks into your doors and they open their young eager minds, education is not about what you are wearing, education is not about the length of your hair. Education transcends your religious beliefs. Education is a collection not of a melting pot but of a rich salad bowl of our history.”

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