Rape accused cops in maximum security 

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After being denied bail on rape and buggery charges yesterday, two policemen were taken to prison and placed in the maximum security section.
That’s according to a source at the facility who said this was done for the safety of the two constables.
The officers, who cannot be named because the Sexual Offences prohibits it pre-conviction, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh who remanded them to prison in the presence of their lawyer Michael Archibald.
They were not required to plead because the charges are indictable, therefore the trial would have to be before a judge and jury in the High Court. 
In the meantime, their committal hearing to determine whether there would be a trial in the upper court, is set for November 6.
It is alleged that on May 12, 2017 they assaulted a 19-year-old woman after they drove her to Five Islands despite her pleas to be let go.
Earlier, our newsroom reported that the assault allegedly took place in the back of a car near a nightclub.
Back in 2017, the young woman told OBSERVER media the officers who were known to her, struck her in the face, brandished a gun and threatened to kill her if she reported the matter to the police or anyone else.
Three days later, she reported the matter and when the investigation began, police sources had said the officers were likely to be charged with rape, buggery, assault, serious indecency and kidnapping.
A medical report shared with OBSERVER media last year highlighted the woman’s bruises and black and blue eye among other things.
The complainant, who is keenly following the progress of the case, had expressed frustration in May when the one-year mark had reached and the men had not been charged.
It’s now a year and three months since the alleged incident occurred and she’s continuing to follow up now that they have been charged.

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