Cars collide on racing track, drivers escape unscathed

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Car racer Geno Browne, who was one of two drivers in a crash at the North Sound International Race Way last night, says none of the two vehicles burst into flames during the race.
Browne says he and another driver, Paul Rippon, were racing and just as they completed the race, there was an accident.
“The vehicles collided, we clipped and lost control. The race was done. We were still driving, slowing the momentum when it happened but there was no fire afterwards,” Browne told OBSERVER media.
Both vehicles spun out of control but Browne said he and Rippon escaped unscathed. He said the inner console for his car was damaged, as well as some additional damage elsewhere. Rippon’s car was more badly damaged but Browne said he could not give specifics.
Saturday night, a witness told OBSERVER media that the car burst into flames at the end of the track.
Another racer, Shane Potter ,who contacted OBSERVER media about the earlier news report of a fire, explained the witness  clearly misunderstood what happened.
He said, “What happens, the exhaust pipe of Geno’s car is rooted through the bonnet of the car and of course as he shifts gears you would see flames or exhaust smoke coming out of the bonnet of his car. So, of course in a crash when a car is bellowing off smoke it would just be from the exhaust itself as the engine shuts off so to the untrained eye, they would assume it was a fire, it was just a car shutting down. There was no fire, it was a collision.”
Two racing cars burst into flames while racing at the North Sound International Race Way shortly after 8 pm today.
The drivers, Geno Browne and Paul Rippon, both escaped the burning vehicles without serious injuries.
It is unclear what caused the incident which reportedly resulted in the cars colliding, but it brought an early end to the Grudge Event which was underway at the time, according to a source at the track.
According to a Facebook post by The Antigua & Barbuda Drag Racing Association,  Browne was driving a Honda Civic named  Bigtime and Rippon was driving a Subaru Impreza named Bucky.
ABDRA says the incident occurred at the end of the track and since the cars and drivers had the adequate safety equipment, these saved their lives.
both cars lost control after clipping near the end of the track, the race was done momentum slowing…I was the declared the winner…minor damage to the inner console…there was no fire

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