Quartet accused of shooting at cop, larceny

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Four men are now facing charges of shooting with intent to murder and theft, after they allegedly opened fire on a policeman who confronted them when he came upon them in his neighbour’s yard last week.

Andrey Joseph, 23, of George Street; Coteen Francis, 25, of Federation Road; George Chiddick, 28, of George Street; and Shorn Charles, 28, of Tindale Road are due in court this week on an allegation that on April 1st 2019 they broke into the home of Onika Simon of Creekside and stole gold and silver jewellery – including bracelets and earrings – valued at $2,700.

It is further alleged that they “unlawfully and maliciously” shot at Corporal Jeffery Benjamin with intent to murder him. At the time of the alleged break-in and theft, Simon was at work and received a call informing her that several individuals were inside her property. Corporal Benjamin, her neighbour, who was at home, saw four strangers in the yard around 11:45 a.m. and went to investigate. According to a police source, he came face to face with the intruders and one of them opened fire on him.

Two shots were fired, according to the source, and the officer returned fire but the suspects managed to escape. When Simon returned to her property, she found it had been ransacked and several pieces of her jewellery were missing. Investigators discovered the bandits’ point of entry and shoes they believe were left behind by one of the suspects in his haste to flee upon being confronted by Corporal Benjamin.

The four were arrested and charged over the weekend.

Since they are accused of an offence involving the use of a firearm, whenever they go to court this week, the magistrate would have no choice but to remand them. They can, however, apply for bail in the High Court while awaiting their committal.

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