Quarry workers continue protest action

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The 15 workers at the Burma Quarry say they will continue to go slow until the Public Works Minister Eustace “Teco” Lake secures their supervisor’s position.
The industrial action is in its second day because of an alleged hasty attempt by the Public Works Director Lucene Hanley to relocate Acting Supervisor Bhagratt Kalidass to the Bendals Quarry.
But, Kalidass says he will not report to the Bendals Quarry until he receives official transfer papers.
He also explained that he has been in the post for the past six years without having any talks of promotion or pay increase.
Shop steward Michal Joseph who spoke on behalf of his co-workers said they will not stand for ill-treatment of their boss.
Industrial Relations Officer with the Antigua Trades and Labour Union Ralph Potter says the union is also extending their full support to the Burma workers.
 Around 9 a.m, Shop steward Michal Peters said the Bendals Quarry workers were told to report to the Burma Quarry today but they have also refused to work and are standing in solidarity with their co-workers.

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