Public Works responds to damaging pothole

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Hours after a video captured several vehicles being left disabled by a pothole on All Saints Road, the Ministry of Works sent temporary relief to patch the hole.
Over the weekend, a social media user posted a video of several vehicles stalled on the side of the road, after the drivers drove the vehicles into the potholes which blew out several tyres.
The videographer explained that the large and deep pothole which collected the water from recent rains made it difficult for drivers to gauge how detrimental it was to drive in the water.
“The pothole burst all those tyres, all those tyres burst in the one pothole. Me nah know how far this video going to get, me nah know who it will be but me really nah come Antigua fu change tyre at 11 o’clock at night. Look on All Saints Road now, this is all because of one pothole,” the social media poster said.
The man’s Facebook video, which was seen over 10,000 times, apparently reached the Ministry of Works.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Clarence Pilgrim said a work team addressed the dangerous pothole on Saturday.
He said the ministry took action to provide a temporary fix which will be in place, at least until the rainy weather subsides.
Pilgrim also thanked the public for bringing the issue to the Ministry’s attention.
“We like to thank the general public for notifying us of this so that we could have taken the direct and prompt action which was necessary to bring this matter under control,” Pilgrim said.
The nation’s roads have been a sore point for motorists as the government continues simultaneous rehabilitation works on two of the country’s busiest roads – the Friars Hill Road and Sir George Walter Highway.
The state of other roads across the island has worsened with lack of maintenance throughout the years which is further compounded by the recent rains.

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