Public warned to beware of counterfeit condoms

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Antiguan and Barbudan consumers are being advised be vigilant in identifying counterfeit condoms which are being circulated in the Caribbean.

The warning came from the Acting Deputy Director at the Division of Prices and Consumer Affairs, Orrin Steele, who is urging consumers to be on the lookout for the fake condoms, SLAM, and to report any local sale of the product to the Division or the Ministry of Health.

Recently, in a newspaper ad and on its Facebook page, the manufacturer of SLAM condom stated that “knock-offs” of its products were found on sale in two neighboring Caribbean countries and could pose a significant threat to public health.

SLAM described the replica condoms as “inferior” quality knock-offs and provided information on how the fakes can be distinguished from its genuine products.

The manufacturer said authentic SLAM condoms are manufactured in Thailand by the Thai Nippon Rubber Company, while the fakes are made by counterfeiters in China.

According to the Facebook advertisement, SLAM also added that the bogus prophylactics can be easily distinguished as the fake condoms are smaller in size than the company’s genuine products; give off a “rubbery smell” as opposed to the “strawberry-like aroma” provided by true SLAM condoms; and feature a number of inconsistencies on their packaging.

Consumers are encouraged to log on to SLAM’s Facebook page for more details on to how to identify the counterfeit condoms.

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