Public safety minister takes ownership of police station washroom repairs

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Steadroy Benjamin, minister of public safety said he will shoulder the cost of financing “whatever,” repairs are needed at the St John’s Police Station.
Benjamin said this is in response to a complaint by a female police officer who highlighted the plight that she and her colleagues are plagued with. He said the phone call to him was made over a week ago and he has committed to bringing relief to the precinct located in the heart of the city.
“What has to be, I am sure it [will] be done. As the minister of national security and as the minister with responsibility for the police I think it is my duty to raise the funds to get this work done. I shall do so on my own,” Benjamin told OBSERVER media.
Lack of proper washrooms, broken showers and no running water are among the issues to be addressed with urgency.
 Benjamin added that the police officers have been working under those conditions for several years and work has already been started to address the water problems at the station which is located on Newgate and Market streets.
He revealed that he sent his plumber to look into the complaints.
“Immediately, he explained to me the difficulty. So from my own pocket, I spent several sums of money to remedy the situation at C.I.D., and so for the first time in four and a half years they were able to get water in that particular situation. The plumber also looked at the other areas and I have undertaken, myself privately, to finance whatever repairs to be done at the St. John’s Police Station,” he added.
The minister said he has no idea what the cost will be, but stated that the work would be completed.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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