Public safety minister defends non-disclosure decision

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The attorney general is defending his decision not to reveal to the public, the crime fighting strategies developed in a recent meeting with senior police.
Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin has been criticised by some residents who said he ought to have given details instead of making a broad statement earlier this week that strategies are being put in place.
But Benjamin says, “Clearly, the public cannot know and ought not to know the strategies. Don’t forget, that the criminal elements also comprise members of the public and if we make known to the public what we intend to do, then those persons bent on committing crime will act accordingly.”
The minister of public safety said the strategies are “matters of national security” and he added “you can rest assured that things are being done as we speak.”
The attorney general says that there are a number of things residents can do to help tackle crime.
“How can they help? By giving information of things happening that they are not accustomed to in the community, reporting matters which are suspicious, reporting firearms which they know are being held by individuals who ought not to have them, by making sure that neighbourhood watches are promoted and that people are looking out for each other,” he said.
So far for the year the country has recorded 18 killings. And, there’s a possible 19th victim, an unidentified man whose burnt body was found in a vehicle in the Yeptons area.  

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