Public responding to Gisele Petition

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The recently launched petition, calling for the speedy handling of legal matters between the former executive secretary of the Board of Education (BoE) Gisele Isaac and the government is gaining traction.
A little over 200 people have signed the online document which was launched about two weeks ago by a group of concerned citizens who are also promoting the ‘I am Standing with Gisele’ campaign on social media.
Barbara Arrindell, one of the main organisers, said within another few months, the group will be circulating some printed copies of the petition to make it available to nationals who are unable to sign the document electronically.
Arrindell also re-emphasised that the ‘Standing with Gisele’ campaign is aimed at standing up for her ability to have her day in court – for everybody to have their day in court within a reasonable time frame and not suffer unnecessarily without being proven guilty of something.
“We remind everybody that Gisele still signs in twice a week at the police station, she is unable to travel freely and her life has been impacted severely by this entire situation. We are simply asking for her to have her day in court and for those bringing these cases against her to move them forward,” Arrindell said.
Isaac currently has five outstanding matters before the courts, criminal and civil, some of which she initiated after she was suspended and subsequently, allegedly constructively dismissed from BoE in 2014.
All of the matters are still pending in the court and the group has called on the government, “in the interest of justice, basic civil and human rights, to take action on these cases or file for them to be dismissed”.
They have also blamed the government’s legal team at Watt, Dorsett and Company for delaying the matter.
However, Queen’s Counsel Sir Gerald Watt, the lawyer representing the government, has stated publicly that his law firm is not to be blamed for the delays. He made the statement over a week ago after the group staged a picket outside the Law Chambers on Newgate Street.

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