Public asks for end to public family spat

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A day after Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph called the claims of fire victim Eddie Prince dishonest, numerous callers voiced their opinions on the family feud on OBSERVER media’s Voice Of the People radio programme.
The barrage of phone calls was made following a call by Prince to the programme to give his views on the matter after the uncomplimentary description of him by the minister of health would have made the front page of Friday’s issue of the Daily Observer Newspaper.
“I don’t have a problem with the minister saying what he said, my thing is communication. This is a lady that I have been in a relationship with for twelve years. Not one, not two but twelve years but her family thinks that despite the length of time we have been together, they want a paternity test.
“I think that the public should know the genesis of the problem rather than just drawing all sorts of conclusions, making all sorts of negative comments and getting on so distasteful in the public,” Prince said.
Shortly after Prince’s call, a seemingly heated caller from New York who claims to be a family member of Gayan Williams contacted Voice Of the People and refuted several allegations made by Prince.
“This thing about him being the boyfriend of Gayan for twelve years, nothing go so, nothing go so. Nothing at all is factual about that. Right now I am really outraged with what is going on but the truth needs to come out also.
“He needs to talk the truth. You and your family cannot lambaste the family that has been trying to do the best thing for the child,” the caller alleged.
She also accused the family of Prince of going on social media and making derogatory comments about the family of Gayan Williams.
The following caller immediately suggested that the families should not continue to air their dirty laundry in public and maybe the producers of the show should make a decision not to entertain either group going forward.
Prince’s aunt then called in and defended her nephew saying that the other family is simply seeking to defame the grieving boyfriend and father. She advised minister Joseph to stay out of the squabble and for the relatives of Gayan Williams to stop their attack on Prince’s character.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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