PSC readies itself to respond to suspended top cop

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The Police Service Commission (PSC) has finally been served with the documents pertaining to the application for judicial review filed by suspended top cop Wendel Robinson.
Dr. David Dorsett, the attorney representing the body, yesterday confirmed that “Mr. Robinson has just [Tuesday] filed a new affidavit in this matter. We, the police service commission, will be responding shortly, within a matter of days.”
When asked whether there was a withdrawal
or an addition to the exhibits earlier submitted ahead of the June 20 hearing, Dr. Dorsett said no, and he explained that the applicant has merely reorganised the file which contains 21 exhibits “in a nice, convenient bundle.”
Last week, the embattled top cop’s entire case file was leaked, revealing claims he made that the Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin and former minister of trade and investment, MP Asot Michael collaborated to destroy him.
According to Robinson, the plot by the two government officials came about as a result of his refusal to allow them to interfere with his work, make demands and dictate to him, among other reasons.
Benjamin dismissed this claim, and other allegations, as “completely ludicrous” while Michael has not responded to any request for comment.
Robinson, in his application to review his suspension and the manner in which it was done, has named Benjamin as a respondent along with the Police Service Commission.
It was on April 5 that the commission suspended Robinson amid allegations he sexually harassed several of his male subordinates and victimised one of them who turned down his advances. At first, it was suspension without pay and about a week later, his salary was restored after his lawyer, Sir Richard Cheltenham wrote to the PSC. A probe was to be launched but up to last night, no investigative committee had been formed.
In his 102-page file detailing his complaint and reasons for seeking judicial review, Robinson alleges that in addition to the MPs, others were involved in plotting against him.
He said these people include senior and junior ranking police officers, members of the opposition United Progressive Party and other citizens.
He named most of the people who were allegedly involved, while he said he could not name others, including those who tipped him off about an alleged death threat against him.
Robinson also named at least one witness who claims he was offered $15,000 by opposition party candidates to make a false statement about him, Robinson. That witness, Joshua Quinland, is a former police officer who claims he is no friend of the top cop and who was removed from the force after being convicted.

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