Protesting vendors plan to occupy the beach at Jolly Harbour today

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By Carl Joseph

The vendors at Jolly Harbour will be occupying the beach early this morning, Christmas Eve, as they stand together in protest against what they consider to be unfair business practices by billionaire Calvin Ayre.

The vendors have been feeling the pinch, now in the heart of the tourist season, as they reported that their collective revenues have taken more than a significant dip since the Castaways restaurant implemented a free/complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas policy.

Many of them said that since the Castaways free chair policy has been in place many of them who used to make anywhere from $300 to $700 a day on cruise ship days, are now making $10 – $20 per day over the past few weeks.

“I made $10 dollars for the day. What can $10 dollars do for me?” asked long-standing vendor, Sonya Williams.

Read more in today’s newspaper

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  1. Microsoft tried the same tactic years ago on Netscape the results were not good for Netscape, our vendors will have to offer something better than just a seat on the beach. This is financial war and Goliath is up against David.


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