Protest action results in closure of ASC campuses

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The Antigua State College (ASC) campuses in Golden Grove and Five Islands were closed yesterday as staff at the tertiary level educational facilities refused to work due to the deplorable conditions of

 buildings at the main campus located in Golden Grove.

The staff have also indicated that the closure could continue into next week unless government officials move swiftly to resolve the matter.

Senior Executive Officer at ASC Laila Farrell reiterated that point when she was contacted by OBSERVER newsroom.

“Well, we know that we will not be at work on Monday if there is nothing definitive happening today. There is a shutdown, yes; we do not know if there is shutdown to fumigate, to do anything. We do not know what the plans are but we are still monitoring the activities at the college and we are waiting to get an update as to where we are.”

She also mentioned the negative impact the situation has on students who are preparing for their examinations next month.

“I know that students were preparing for exams which should begin some time next month. Preparations should have begun for registration but were not able to get under way because of the industrial action that was taken. I do not know what plans are afoot at the moment to get things back on track.”

Students have, however, been asked to check for updates on Sonisweb and the ASC’s Facebook page.

This shutdown comes on the heels of an initial action taken by staff who staged a sit-in on Tuesday over the same concerns.

Farrell noted that since the first protest action was taken, no government official has responded.

“They are saying nothing. I learnt of an email that was sent to the Permanent Secretary last night, highlighting that she was contacted on the very first day and she has not responded. The principal sent that email. I am not sure what she will do in response to that email, but as far as I am aware there has been no response so we continue to wait.”

However, it was reported that government officials had conducted a walk-through of the facility on Friday, but no further information could be obtained at the time of this publication.

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