Prostate screening detects abnormalities, organisers await results

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A number of men who underwent prostate screening held at the Lion’s Club over the weekend have to undergo further testing.
Urologist Dr. Dwayne “Baba” Thwaites, director of the event, revealed that there were up to 20 men who were referred for further testing and they are awaiting lab results.
“We have 15 to 20 abnormalities [out of the 977 registered men] on the examination that we have picked up so far,” he said. The annual prostate screening occurred over the weekend, targeting men aged 40 and older.
This year, the free examination event saw 977 men registered for prostate examination, exceeding the expected turnout of 700 people.
Dr. Thwaites said that the turnout showed that men are becoming more aware of the value of prostate screening.
“We are getting good progress, we are getting feedback and the men are waking up and coming out, thanks to the wives and [children] who are encouraging their parents to come out and get tested,” he said.
During the event, an examination of prostate, which is known as a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) is done, lasting three to four seconds. Abnormalities are revealed during this examination.
A blood test, known as a Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test was done, which according to the age of the patient, abnormal PSA levels found in the blood will indicate that prostate cancer may be an issue.
Men of African descent continue to be at higher risk of getting prostate cancer and there were no early warning signs of prostate cancer.
Several sponsors gave their support to the event, including Blue Waters Hotel, Wadadli Events, Savoury, SOS for cooling fans and Medical Benefits Scheme.

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