Prosecution witnesses testify that multi-murder-accused struck officer

Delano Forbes leaving court yesterday
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The only three witnesses called by the prosecution in the trial against Delano ‘Vampire Killer’ Forbes have testified that the inmate struck a prison officer with an aerosol can in his head.

The 26-year-old multi-murder-accused allegedly wounded prison officer Dwight Peters on October 7 2020 when he tried to restrain him.

 Forbes previously pleaded not guilty to the charge of unlawful wounding before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

Now on trial the alleged victim was the first to give sworn evidence.

Peters told the court that on the morning of October 7 the accused was behaving poorly and was therefore asked to conduct himself appropriately.

But when the prison supervisor was out of sight, the defendant apparently reverted to his misconduct, Peters claimed.

He said that another prison officer, Alpheus Jackson, then tried to restrain Forbes when he stepped where some water fell and slipped.

According to Peters, the inmate grabbed Jackson on his way down and they both fell to the floor and began to “scuffle” on the ground.

Peters said he was able to pull Forbes off the officer but when he attempted to place foot chains on him, he struck him in his head with a can of disinfectant.

The Ottos resident said he received six stitches and was placed on one-week sick leave as a result.

His signed medical form was admitted as evidence.

Jackson gave similar evidence, however adding that Forbes beat him with a scrubbing brush before Peters came to his rescue.

He also said he pepper-sprayed the inmate into submission when he began hitting Peters in his head.

The third witness was the police investigator, Javid Alfred, whose evidence did not stray from those previously heard. The constable identified the alleged weapon used to wound the officer – a Beep disinfectant can.

Unrepresented, Forbes – who admitted that he did not listen to most of the evidence given – merely asked the witnesses if they were not wrestling.

He suggested that he did not hit anyone, but that they were merely wrestling.

Forbes will have an opportunity to officially share his side of the story on February 9 when the trial resumes.

Meanwhile, the defendant will remain behind bars as he is awaiting trial for the murder of Shawn Henry, Liesure Williams, Wilfred Williams and Maurison Thomas.

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