Prosecution withdraws case against entertainer

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By Latrishka Thomas

In light of unforeseen evidence, the case brought against a popular local entertainer for alleged sexual offences has been withdrawn.

The disc jockey (DJ) and fete promoter was on trial in the High Court this week for an incident which allegedly took place in 2017 after the young man reportedly left a popular nightclub with the virtual complainant (VC).

It was alleged that the DJ took the promo girl to the beach and sexually assaulted her when she refused to have sex with him

He was later charged with serious indecency and indecent assault.

However, after a few days of trial proceedings, the matter was discontinued since the prosecution could not mount enough evidence to prove that the DJ did in fact commit the offence.

On Tuesday, the second day of the trial, a witness from the defence testified to having received text messages and screenshots from the accused in an attempt to prove that the defendant was not guilty.

The judge, after having to retrieve WhatsApp messages from the witnesses’ phone, presented printed copies into evidence and noted that that evidence could strengthen the defence’s case.

It appeared that the evidence presented contradicted statements presented by the VC and that, coupled with a report issued by the Antigua and Barbuda Cyber Lab, gave the prosecution sufficient cause to dismiss the case.

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