Proposed amended law to punish hoteliers for late notice of closure

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Just days after the government got what it called a surprise notice from Sandals Grande Resort of its pending temporary closure with effect from September 20, it has decided to amend the Investment Authority Act of 2006.
The amendment will require all hotels with five of more percent of the total room occupancy or stock in Antigua & Barbuda to give the government 30 days’ notice of any intention to close down temporarily for two or more months.
According to the proposed amendment, hotels that fail to give this notice will face a penalty of “a suspension of all concessions granted under the Investment Authority Act and any other enactment is imposed as a penalty for noncompliance with the prescribed condition.”
It adds, “The Bill authorises the Minister to suspend any concessions granted to a hotel under the Investment Authority Act or any other enactment if a proprietor fails to comply with the provision of the new section.”
Apart from giving the government this notice, the hotel would also be required to inform the Trade Unions and staff of the hotel 30 days in advance, followed by consultation before the temporary close down.
An emergency meeting of Parliament is set for tomorrow (Thursday) to table the Bill which the government intends would take effect on November 2, 2017.

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