Promoters in the dark over fete protocols

The country’s vibrant fetes have been absent from the social scene for almost two years (Photo courtesy Breakfast Fete)
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By Latrishka Thomas

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Fete promoters seem to have been left out of the loop where the recent fete pronouncements are concerned.

Observer spoke to a number of these event organisers who all say they were not aware of the decision announced by Cabinet and were completely surprised to say the least.

This is despite the fact that this week’s Cabinet notes stated that “the organisers of fetes have indicated that they are capable of testing 300 patrons at the door of the event”, and “the Cabinet accepted that offer, so that patrons to fetes do not have to be tested on the day prior to the event”.

In addition, “all patrons [should] be fully vaccinated, show their vaccination ID card before entry”.

This is an additional caveat since just last week Minister of Information Melford Nicholas indicated that the government “will only permit one of these events per day, to ensure that this filtration process can take place”.

Well, not only has this left some promoters flabbergasted, but residents are also taken aback by the news which they believe is counter-intuitive.

Commenting on the matter on Facebook, one user insinuated that going to a fete will now be a waste of time, “when people done well *tack down* for the event, money done spend on clothes, hair and ticket, only to get to the gate and test positive!”

“Can imagine the slow lines and angry patrons queued up in those lines waiting to enter! I would hope there would be at least 4 entrances for each event, 6ft in between persons in line, registered nurses administering the tests (who is going to pay them?), police presence for the unruly people who you know are going to cause ruckshan etc!” the woman continued.

Another woman posted, “I’m longing to fete me nah lie but I’m not willing to push anything up my nose every time I go to one sorry issa no fa me”.

Similar sentiments were shared by another resident who wrote, “I can kiss feteing goodbye me can party a me yard me accustom”.

A male social media user questioned how confidential the process will be. He said “so privacy and confidentiality go out the window when hundreds of people see you turned away and your now recognisable?”

Other commenters queried why persons were encouraged to get vaccinated if they now have to get tested in order to enjoy an event, referring to the decision as “dumb”.

“Why not allow unvaccinated persons who test negative to enter as well?” one man asked.

That raises the question as to whether patrons who test positive will be reimbursed.

Efforts to contact the Minister of Festivals for further clarification on the matter have been unsuccessful.

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