Prominent club hit by resignations

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One of the country’s leading cricket clubs has been hit by the resignation of three key figures within its organisation.
President Garfield Browne, Vice President Hugh Smith and head coach Abdiel Hughes, all of the Pigotts Crushers Sports Club, tendered their resignations at a meeting held at the organisation’s club house in Pigotts Village earlier this week.
Reports are that the coach’s resignation, which was done verbally at the meeting, will take effect at the end of the current domestic season while Browne’s and Smith’s resignations will take immediate effect.
Browne, when contacted, gave the reasons for his decision to leave the post.
“I actually called an emergency meeting because of some developments within the executive, because about two weeks ago, I approached the vice president in terms of wanting to know his location because he goes and comes from England. It’s a situation where I have a personal stuff [issue] that is developing with me and I wouldn’t have the time to do the type of work that I am presently doing with the club,” he said.
Browne, who is a carpenter by profession, said although he will no longer be able to dedicate a large portion of his time to the club, he will assist if and when called upon to do so.
“It’s a situation where the executive will be very limp which will cause the club to go to a special general meeting to pave the way for elections so that the positions can be filled. We will still be doing things until the time comes to have the election. I wouldn’t really be a person that’s going around and not doing things really — and so does the coach — he said after the season he will be done with it,” he said.
Efforts to reach coach Hughes proved futile as neither calls nor messages placed to his mobile were answered.
The Crushers cricket team was recently accepted to play in the Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) competitions and has somewhat struggled to compete.

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