Probe underway after attempted prison-break

The country's national prison
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By Orville Williams

[email protected]

Police and prison officials are carrying out an investigation into an attempted escape by inmates at the correctional facility on Tuesday evening.

Acting Prison Superintendent, Jermaine Anthony, told Observer yesterday that the plan by five remanded inmates to escape was thwarted by a joint effort between the authorities.

He explained that four of the five were not successful in breaching the prison wall, but the sole escapee was swiftly captured by police officers. He also confirmed that the inmates are likely to face charges for the attempt.

“Most definitely. One can expect that some charges will be brought against them, [as] attempted escape or escape from lawful custody – whether it is from the police or from the confines of Her Majesty’s Prison – is a chargeable offence.”

Meanwhile, Anthony confirmed reports that a prison officer may have been involved in an attempting smuggling incident in the facility.

“Presently, there is a prison officer who is assisting police officers attached to the prison with the investigation into the alleged smuggling of a controlled substance into the prison,” Anthony said.

While prison escapes are infrequent, two years ago an inmate was given an additional sentence after pleading guilty to attempting to escape from the St John’s institution.

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