Probe leads prison boss to source of leak

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An internal probe by the authority has led to the electronic device that was used to take the photo of a dead inmate in his prison cell.
Albert Wade, the superintendent of prisons, told OBSERVER media that immediately after the discovery of a deceased prisoner on December 31, 2017, an image of his lifeless body was leaked to the press.
“From the morning of the death, several inmates were placed in isolation pending an internal investigation surrounding how the issue was handled and how a prohibited item, an illicit cellphone was in the cell,” Wade said.
He said that several phones were seized and sent to the Regional Cyber Lab in Langfords and he now has the data on his desk.
“Of course, I tried to get to the bottom of that because anything less means I’m neglecting my duties as superintendent of the prisons. We now know who took the photo,” he said, adding that no punishment has been administered to any prisoner because of the leaked photo.
Wade said that the rules explicitly state that only the Prison Visiting Committee or the superintendent of the prison is empowered to punish prisoners.
A postmortem conducted by Dr. Lester Simon, government pathologist, earlier this month, revealed that the prisoner died from a heart attack in his jail cell.
Officials knew that he had a heart condition and a disability due to an accident in the prison.
Based on information from prisoners, this newspaper reported last month that the elderly man had unsuccessfully cried out for medical attention.
He was serving a 14-year sentence imposed in 2011 for trying to murder his ex-wife.

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