Pro bodybuilder plans for improved finish at World Championships

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By Neto Baptiste

Classic Physique bodybuilder, Bernard Percival, wants to improve on his recent top 10 finish at the Arnold Classic held in Barcelona, Spain last month when he competes at the World Championships on November 2nd in Tarragona, Spain. 

The athlete, who finished eighth in the Classic Physique category at the Arnold Classic, believes inexperience may have gotten the best of him at the Arnold Classic but said he has learnt quite a lot from the experience and doesn’t intend to make the same mistakes.

“I feel like I fell short in my presentation and if it was just strictly on a physique basis, then I can’t do anything about that. If the guys came and they were just better then, full stop; I have to work to improve for next year. But I feel that had I presented my physique to the best of my ability and doing what I should have been doing, I could have jumped a couple of spots up, so I am disappointed in myself for that reason,” he said. 

Percival, who holds an IFBB Elite Pro Card, said his experience at the Arnold Classic has better equipped him with the knowledge on how to prepare going into the World Champions but added that the competition will be mountainous.

“At the end of the day, all you can do is bring your best package. You can’t control what the other athletes are going to bring, who’s going to come in their best shape, who’s going to be out of shape or whatever, so you have to focus on yourself and do your best. Diet hard, train hard and just focus on the goal at hand which is just to bring your best package to the stage and perform for the judges,” he said.

“On the morning of the Arnold Classic I weighed in at 185 pounds so being here now, roughly four weeks out from the show and better than I was four weeks out from the Arnold and, of course, the experience I had on stage at the Arnold, I learnt a lot,” the athlete added.

Percival racked up a score of 79 at the Arnold Classic for the top 10 finish. The professional show was won by Ukrainian Serhii Daniels, who amassed a score of 25.

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